Recipe for Success: 5 Tips for Product Development with Chocolate and Fruit [with examples]

Why fruit and chocolate are a match made in heaven Taste. When dosed and paired well, fruit will not overwhelm the taste of ...

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Snacking healthy and snacking fun

Good resolutions tend to not last long. Especially now during the pandemic, snacking at home has increased, because many of ...

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health & wellness

Health & Wellness in everyday snack food in the Covid era

How can we start 2022 with renewed energy, even if the pandemic isn’t over? How can we energize ourselves, our family ...

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Leadership Interview: Reflections on 2020 and Looking ahead to 2021

2020 has been a year filled with uncommon and crazy times. How was 2020 for Taura? Together with Peter Dehasque, General ...

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Myths & Truths about Texture in Bakery

Welcome to the third post in our Texture Blog Series. In our first post, we discussed with Erik Nadig ways to use texture as ...

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Texture & Chocolate

Well, unlike the title above, this blog is not about the straightforward texture of chocolate, a texture which can ...

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